Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Commencement 2011

Fig 1. Hogwarts Class of 2011

Not going to lie - I was less than a week out of surgery here, barely vertical, felt like there was a party in my head and everyone was being sick at once. But I love commencement. I know it's part of the things that make other professors look cockeyed at me and say "but, not really, right?" But I do. I worked my tuchas off for that ridiculous Grimace (tm) costume [Fig. 1] and by thunder I'm going to wear it, if only once a year. Yes, the royal robes of my Alma Mater do garner a lot of attention; but that's what Hogwarts regalia looks like. This was a particularly fine year for me, though - five graduates, many awards garnered by my students, and Anthea was the CFA Banner Carrier, which meant we walked through the campus together [Fig. 2]. I wouldn't have missed it for the world. Also, a young fellow named Richard McIntyre was taking photos for The Thistle. Richard, as it happens, is my neighbor, and also a student in the karate dojo where I teach, and a friend of the family. So this was once of those very pleasant conjunctions of life, not to be missed. Also, Nicholas Mudd's mom Mary Jane gave me a Shofar from Jerusalem [Fig. 3].

Fig 2. Carns lets her freak flag fly
Fig 3. Shofar, so good.

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