Friday, June 17, 2011

Broeverbs; the proverbial sayings of David Boevers, edition 2: On Fashion

I mentioned to my colleague and friend David Boevers that I needed some fashion tips - I really don't know anything about men's style, clothes, hair, all that stuff that makes it pleasant to be around a person. I guess I was just in the library the whole time I was supposed to be learning that. So David kindly gave me his three high-fashion secrets:

1. Don't wear anything with a visible food stain on it.
2. Don't wear anything your wife hates [Fig. 1].
3. Never mix green and orange.

As it happens, I don't own a single article of green nor orange clothing, so I'm already 30% assured of success!
Fig. 1. The Boeverses. I don't know what Marisa sees in David's ear that she finds so funny, but I know at least he's not wearing green pants.

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