Saturday, November 12, 2011

More Werewolf Crime

This one, I'm happy to say, is back in the realm of the bathetic. An Arizona man met a woman on line and, for the promise of sex, hopped a bus to Milwaukee where he met this woman, and her female friend. Allegedly they tied him down and had sex with him for two days straight. When he escaped, or was released, he went to the cops, who took him to the hospital where it was determined he had in excess of 300 stab wounds, punctures, lacerations and slashes. The two women, who shared an apartment full of occult and lycanthropic literature, are apparently experimenting with contacting werewolf spirits. As in the Florida event, the case is marked by a callow narcissistic pop-culture fantasia which seems to legitimize these bizarre actions. Also, in the accounts of both this case and the Florida case, the perpetrators seemed to be expecting the police and turned themselves over quietly. The Arizona man, whose name I discovered after about ten seconds of searching (it was not redacted once in the pdf of the police report), is fine... if you can call what I read on his facebook page "fine." Happy hunting.

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