Thursday, May 19, 2011

My student Catherine "Calamari" Rodriguez and her quest for gold

As some of you may know, the School of Drama junior Catherine Rodriguez has been awarded an extremely prestigious "Gold Standard" scholarship, sponsored by the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Bacardi Gold, and the National Basketball Association. The award is for an astonishing $10,000, and Catherine is very deserving of this honor, but she is eligible for a further $30,000 scholarship awarded to four of the scholars, as determined by online public voting on the NBA website.

Voting will take place May 16-30, 2011, at

If only this award were determined by merit, Catherine would be a shoe-in, but it is a popularity contest, which I suppose is how the corporations make up their back-end on something like this. That said, I think this is a good cause, and I want to urge everyone who receives this letter to spend a couple of seconds casting a ballot for Catherine.

Thanks for your time on this!

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